Orinda Bond Measure J Warrants a Closer Look - Vote No!

(PDF Version)


**  Proponents' flyers state this tax is only for residential roads.  Despite what Measure J supporters say, there is no contractual demand within Measure J stating this Bond money will only be used for residential roads.


**  Orinda's Measure J tax money can be used on projects other than residential roads. 


**  Orinda's residents are being asked to approve a $30.6 million tax (principal and interest) with no guarantees this Bond money will only be used to fix residential roads.


**  A NO vote allows the City Council among other options  (with support from interested citizens) to adopt a new Bond Measure in the November election to guarantee Bond money would be used only for residential roads and not other purposes.


**  If you live on an arterial or collector road, your pavement is already being repaired using gasoline taxes, the County Road Tax, Orinda's General Budget, grants, etc. 


Measure J is not the way.  To do it right, fix the roads cost effectively, in a timely manner, and for fair taxation, please vote NO on Measure J.