Lamorinda Patch activity on Plan Bay Area goes parabolic!

Someone (or multiple someones) has been very busy on the local news blog called Lamorinda Patch.  We think this individual or group of individuals is doing a great job thus far in bringing the Plan Bay Area issues as it relates to Orinda/Moraga/Lafayette to light.  Thank you for doing this 'Orinda Taxpayer & Registered Democrat' username, where ever you are.  If you are listening, please contact us so that we can share information.  We've signed up for your blog postings and we are recommending our members do as well.

We also note the pick-up in Lamorinda Patch Editor Jim Caroompas' interest in bringing light on Plan Bay Area to the forefront.
Anyway, here are several of the recent articles on the Patch:
Opponents of the Bay Plan Gather At 6p.m. Thursday To Voice Their Anger
Plan Bay Area Will Fundamentally Change Our Cities
ABAG's Final Low Income Housing Allocation is Here
Piedmont Strongly Opposes ABAG Housing Requirement
Could 247,000 More People Be Coming to Contra Costa County?
Is Plan Bay Area Equal Justice?
How ABAG Will Manage Bay Area Growth
You Could Lose Your House Under Plan Bay Area