Indexed Replay of the 6/4th Orinda City Council Meeting

To listen to the replay of the 6/4th City Council Meeting, click here

As a guide, here are the indexed citizen comments during public forum from 6/4th Orinda City Council Meeting, with rudimentary (we mean it!) notes:

1) 19:50 Chris Engl – requests to allow Orinda Watch to present, talks about risks of city being sued by developers, talks about ways to learn about Plan Bay Area online, asks city to sign a resolution against Plan Bay Area.

2) 23:20 Heidi Haberstetzer – 5 reasons why City Council might not oppose Plan Bay Area...and should not sit on council

3) 25:45 Patty Moore – also requests to allow Orinda Watch to present, talks about risks of city being sued by developers, talks about ways to learn about Plan Bay Area online, talks about risks of a reallocation to high performing, PDA-like cities like Orinda, asks city to sign a resolution against Plan Bay Area.

4) 29:15 Beata Engl – unaswered questions regarding plan bay area, withdraw from ABAG, allow Orinda Watch to present

5) 30:15 Dan DeBusschere – Orinda Watch should be allowed to present, Great Debate from May 30th, big picture issues, super majority in state legislature, SB371,

6) 33:40 Kay Jenkins – educate ourselves and the community, uncalculated financial debt to taxpayers, Great debate from May 30th, goes through failings of Plan Bay Area on impacting GHGs. 

7) 36:55 Oriana Murray – emperor's new clothes, democrat, marginalizing current citizens, living next to highways is bad for people, many new cars at least coming to Orinda, cites a number of the items from Orinda Vision's showpiece.  Solutions: put schools on solar power, lottery for housing for municipal workers, lease-to-own one owner no landlords, restaurants could be in jeopardy

8) 40:30 Bruce London – draconian plan, really bad plan, flawed assumptions, job forecasts, abyssmal public notification process; lots of public comments, very short comment period.  Orinda City Council can read the comments.  Urges council to study expert reports.  Liberal democrats hate the plan.  City of Corte Madera left ABAG and submitted strong letter to Plan Bay Area.  Orinda's semi-rural setting will be replaced by urban downtown.  Grant Orinda Watch to present its arguments. 

9) 43:50 Herb Brown – not a member of any group, outraged, trying to cast people against Plan Bay Area, Addresses Ursu & Glazer discussion back-and-forth at 5/13th meeting, discusses SB1818 risks, suggests that Orinda City Council is afraid to have the facts, should congratulate people, don't have the decency to respond to Orinda Watch, should not be on council.

10) 46:20 Ann Nye – representing her husband who could not be here, less responsive to local citizens, loss of touch with economic incentive and local control, ABAG have taken on a life of their own, no voter oversight, physician in a community clinic and well aware of those in need, extend Plan Bay Area comment period, no vote for 6 months, etc

11) 49:40 Barbara Hagen – discusses faults in Plan Bay Area, etc

12) 51:30 Kent Hagen – talks about Clark Wallace trying to tear down Orinda theater, and Orinda incorporated to maintain local control.  We should leave ABAG, big political statement.  94 paged housing-jobs strategy won't expand jobs, California isn't growing and doesn't need more housing, developers will take their money and run.  Look at Corte Madera letter from their Mayor.

13) 54:00 Richard Colman – 14yr resident, unified community but it's divided, Orinda is full, doesn't need more real estate development.  But let's think big – football stadium, disneyland, nuclear power plant, walmart.  Impose a freeze on all new construction, put a tax on new real estate development, put a $10,000 tax on each new parcel, let the voters of Orinda decide in a referendum.  No more real estate decisions without the vote of the people.

14) 56:15 Heather Pruett – 14yr property owner, learned of Plan Bay Area only in April, Plan Bay Area is bad, expected Orinda City Council to pull out of ABAG so that other groups wouldn't allow ABAG to tell the city how to develop downtown Orinda.  10 to 1 people speaking against the Plan.  Very little time left.  Asks city council to allow Orinda Watch to present to the city. 

15) 59:30 Art Hillman – talks of time since moving to Orinda, urges Orinda City Council to meet with Orinda Watch

16) 1:06:05 Jane Hillman – provide forum for citizens to learn of Plan Bay Area, regional government have no elected representatives but not accountable to voting citizens.

17) 1:07:15 Eric Stuffmann – intelligent and knowledgeable Orinda Watch, passionate about Orinda, request a public forum for Orinda Watch to present this information, Corte Madera's letter is worth listening to, forum with dialogue and what Orinda Council thinks of this. 

18) 1:09:25 Chris Kniel – necessary to understand Plan Bay Area, attended May 30th Great Debate, watch the debate online, gives where can view the video online, population forecasts are way off by 62%, roads are grossly underfunded/deprioritized, fails to meet its goals.  City Council is not responding to citizens, 40% of the city council did not attend the 5/13th meeting, this is more than a 3-min topic, unfair/hypocritical, maybe need a petition, need a more democratic process.

19) 1:12:45 Alex Flagg – Lafayette resident, play orinda sports, take Orinda bart, meetings difficult to attend, barely got back to the Plan Bay Area, agendas don't serve what people want to discuss, disappointed that Orinda did not put Plan Bay Area on tonight's agenda, has orinda city council been in contact with other cities on how to handle this?, need feedback on our comments,

20) 1:15:25 Reed Robertson – good schools, low crime, limited housing supply, 1000 new students in schools, detroit's day of reckoning on schools and risks of the same happening in California. 

21) 1:17:25 Rachelle Halpern – resident since 2002, medical practice in Orinda, walking distance of BART, aware of need to reduce greenhouse gases and carbon footprint, Orinda friendly place, Orinda City Council not engaging the residents and educating the residents, allow Orinda Watch to present, etc.

At conclusion, Orinda Mayor Worth: says council can't discuss the issues since it's not been agendized, there will be meetings at MTC/ABAG on 6/14th, final meeting on Plan Bay Area is 7/18th, go on MTC/ABAG website until 7/18th which is completion of public comment period, go to onebayarea website.