We are continuously adding expert reports and comment letters against Plan Bay Area to our website (HERE) as we obtain permission from the authors.  The effort and expertise that went into these letters is remarkable and humbling.  Check back often as new reports are added over the week.

The next steps are to digest these reports, create training materials with them, and then to continue to reveal the devastating information against the Plan Bay Area, ABAG, & MTC therein.

To that end, we would like to enlist your help. Please write and let us know of your interest.  This really is a critical next step and it shouldn't require very much of your time.  
We, with your help, will be drafting summaries, digests, and reviews of the comment letters defined, roughly, as follows:

-  Summary: A paragraph or two that provides a summary of what's in the comment letter.  Similar to an abstract.

-  Digest:  A detailed presentation of the facts and analysis laid out in the comment letter.  It could be half a page to several pages.  Should give the reader a good understanding of what the letter contains, to some level of granularity, and would likely include quotes, data, charts from the comment letter.

-  Review:  Review is an interpretation of what the comment letter establishes, what it means, how it should be responded to, how we, the citizens, should use it and the facts and analysis it marshals.  One person's review of a given comment letter might be very different than another person's review.

It will take a careful and close reading of the report or comment letter that you will be writing about--something we hope you will be doing anyway, and something that we, as the citizens, need as many of us doing as possible.  Remember that the groups advocating for these policies, including the non-governmental organizations that helped ABAG and MTC write the Plan and submitted comments saying they love the Plan but it doesn't go far enough, are all funded to advocate for these policies.  All we have are our citizen volunteers.

We won't post every summary, digest, or review submitted, but each one you submit will be a huge help to the overall cause! 

Thank you, in advance, for your help and willingness to volunteer your time in this crucial effort.